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Last Modified: 14.08.2020

REST API allows setting up your own event handlers in Bitrix24.

Handler URL is requested after a user has performed an action in Bitrix24 with application installed. Because requests are sent from Bitrix servers, handler URL must be available for external GET/POST requests.

Please note, that Bitrix24 does not query your handlers in real time, but generates a separate event query and then processes this query. A situation is possible when handler receives a call only after several seconds after real event occurred in Bitrix24. If your handlers "respond" slowly, next queued calls will be performed with lowered priority, and subsequently with longer pauses.

Current server addresses.

How do events work

First, application sets up an event handler using REST method event.bind. Event handler is an URL that receives information about the occurring tracked event.

After some time, user performs an action (creates, updates a task, etc.). Bitrix24 automatically notifies the app about it.

Find more details about events mechanism in the REST documentation.

Outbound webhooks are available in addition to the mechanism of REST events designed to be used in applications (both public and local). Such web hooks allow processing Bitrix24 data updates, but intended to be used within a specific Bitrix24. You can find more details in the section "Webhooks. Quick start"

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