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Last Modified: 15.09.2014

The following statistic data can be reviewed by websites:

  • Statistics summary
  • Site traffic: Dynamics
  • Site traffic: Page popularity
  • Site traffic: Entrance points
  • Site traffic: Exit points
  • Site paths
  • Attentiveness: Session duration
  • Attentiveness: Active
  • Events
  • Search engine hits: Hits
  • Search engine hits: By search engine
  • Indexation: Search engine hits
  • Referring sites: Sites
  • Referring sites: Pages
  • Referring sites: Visits
  • Visitor list
  • Visitor sessions
  • Hits
  • Stop list
  • Online visitors

Statistics can be separated by websites using different filtering conditions on the report pages.


Separation of rights to view statistics of different websites in a product is impossible. Group users who have the right to view statistics will be able to view the statistics of all websites.

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