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Last Modified: 15.09.2014

There are various options available for using Project Quality Control.

Checklist Basic Testing

A partner/developer organizes the testing of a completed integration according to the checklist and acts as a tester. After that, such partner/developer submits to the client a success report available in the administrative interface in the section Control Panel > Settings > Tools > Project Quality Control where all the mandatory tests are passed successfully.

In-Depth Checklist Testing

The Developer and the client agree on the need to perform an in-depth checklist testing of quality of a highly loaded project. The partner acts as a tester and makes sure all (the majority of) checklist tests and the partner’s own tests are passed successfully. The client pays attention to the number of available tests and the number of tests passed successfully when viewing testing report in the report archive.

Internal Development

The client integrates the solution using their own development team. The client’s test team acts as a tester. One structural subdivision of the client delivers the project to another subdivision, and all the work is coordinated by the project manager.

Low-Risk Iterative Development

The partner provides the client with a service on the improvement of the functionality of an operating web project which was initially integrated using the Project Quality Control. The partner delivers the works by generating a test report. The client checks the test report and makes sure all the improvements to the web project are recorded in the report archive.

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