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Last Modified: 12.09.2014

SQL Query

The form SQL quer (Control Panel > Settings > Tools > SQL query) is intended for the execution of SQL database queries. It is possible to execute any SQL queries.

Important! The system does not establish any limits on SQL queries, so be extremely careful when executing queries such as UPDATE, DELETE, DROP etc.

PHP Command Line

Sometimes a specific code calling Bitrix Framework API functions must be executed quickly without creating new pages on website. In this case, a convenient and simple tool PHP command line will come handy. It permits executing arbitrary PHP code with the invocation of functions.

The tool is located in the administrative part of the website at: Control Panel > Settings > Tools > PHP command line and has the address /bitrix/admin/php_command_line.php.

The execution result of the code using the functions of the class CUser of the Kernel module is provided below:

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