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Last Modified: 12.09.2014
  • Set the HTML attribute id for a block tag:
    <div id="<?=$this->GetEditAreaID("area_identifier")?>">
    	<!-- block contents -->
  • Determine context menu buttons in compote_epilog.php using the method:
        $APPLICATION->SetEditArea($areaId, $arIcons);


    • $areaId is an area identifier with the context menu;
    • $arIcons is an array of context menu icons.
  • The method adds a button that opens the indicated URL in a pop-up window:
    	"URL of the page to be opened in a pop-up window",
    	"Name of the button in the toolbar",
    		"WINDOW" => array("wight"=>780, "height"=>500),
    		"ICON" => "bx-content-toolbar-edit-icon",
    		"SRC" => "/bitrix/images/myicon.gif"
  • The method adds the button that deletes an element:
    	"URL of the page deleting the specified element",
    	"Name of the button",
    		"CONFIRM" => "Do you really want to delete this element?",

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