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Last Modified: 12.09.2014

Use the following code in order to display the component toolbar:

	Array( //array of buttons of the toolbar
			"ID" => "Button identifier",
			"TEXT" => "Name of the button of the toolbar",
			"URL" => "Goto link" //or javascript^MyJSFunction ()
			"ICON" => "menu-delete", //CSS class with an icon
			"MENU" => Array(
				//array of options of a context men
			"HINT" => array( //button tool type
				"TITLE" => "Tool type header",
				"TEXT" => "Tool type text" //HTML is allowed
			"HINT_MENU" => array ( //Tool type of the context menu button
				"TITLE" => "Tool type header",
				"TEXT" => "Tool type text" //HTML is allowed
			"IN_PARAMS_MENU" => true //show in the context menu
			"IN_MENU" => true //show in the component submenu
//Is the editing mode on?
if ($APPLICATION->GetShowIncludeAreas())
		//Arrays of the buttons of the toolbar

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