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Last Modified: 19.09.2014

The file result_modifier.php is a tool that is used to arbitrarily modify the data of the component operation. The developer shall create this file independently.

If the file result_modifier.php is located in the template folder, it is retrieved prior to connecting the template.

Sequence of Work of the Component with the File result_modifier.php:

In this file, it is possible to request additional data and introduce them into the array of component operation results $arResult. It may prove to be useful if any additional data are to be displayed but component customization is undesirable since it means abandoning component support and updates.

Note: The file result_modifier.php will run only if the template is NOT cached. And no dynamic properties of the: title, keywords and descriptioin type can be established through it.

Language phrases of the component template and the following variables are available in the file:

  • $arParams - parameters, read, change. Does not affect the homonymous component member but changes made here affect $arParams in the file template.php.
  • $arResult — result, read/change. Affects the homonymous component class member.
  • $APPLICATION, $USER, $DB - there is no need to declare them global because they are available by default.
  • $this — link to the current template (object describing the template CBitrixComponentTemplate type)

Note: Additional information about $arParams and $arResult.

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