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The new core uses the mechanism of exceptions.

Exception case (when an exception may be given) is an atypical situation when it makes no sense to continue the performance of the basic algorithm.


If a user has sent a form with an empty Name field, it is not an exception case. It is a regular expected case that must be handled appropriately.

But if in case of API method invocation in order to change an infoblock element an empty element id was specified, it is an exception case. It is unexpected and it makes no sense to continue changing the element.

If the method is waiting for the user id and you transmit a line, it is an exception, because the method does not know what to do with the line in this case.

If the GetList method accepts the timestamp filter, and developer has written “tymestamp,” it will be an exception.

Exception Hierarchy

There exists a notion of exception hierarchy. Its purpose is to handle exceptions, look up which of them tripped, and take the appropriate actions depending on it. The general hierarchy logic is as follows:

   Bitrix\Main\SystemException         - basic class of all system exceptions
      Bitrix\Main\IO\IoException         - basic class of all exceptions of file input-output
         Bitrix\Main\IO\FileDeleteException   - exception in case of file deletion
         Bitrix\Main\IO\FileNotFoundException   - absence of a required file
         Bitrix\Main\IO\FileOpenException   - exception in case of file opening
         Bitrix\Main\IO\InvalidPathException   - invalid path
      Bitrix\Main\Config\ConfigurationException   - configuration error
      Bitrix\Main\Security\SecurityException      - security error
      Bitrix\Main\ArgumentException      - basic class of exceptions associated with incoming parameters of methods
         Bitrix\Main\ArgumentNullException   - parameter must not be left empty
         Bitrix\Main\ArgumentOutOfRangeException   - parameter outside a permitted range
         Bitrix\Main\ArgumentTypeException   - inadmissible type parameter
      Bitrix\Main\DB\DbException      - basic class for database exceptions
         Bitrix\Main\DB\ConnectionException   - exception during connection
         Bitrix\Main\DB\SqlException      - exception during performance of a query
      Bitrix\Main\NotSupportedException   - is invoked if the functionality is not supported
      Bitrix\Main\NotImplementedException   - is invoked if the functionality must be supported but is not implemented so far
   Bitrix\Main\LoaderException      - exception in loader
   Bitrix\Main\CustomException      - basic type of all custom exceptions.

Exception sent must have the most appropriate type possible.

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