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Last Modified: 29.06.2023

Attention! From January 1st, 2017 Bitrix24 products that use Oracle Database and MS SQL Server became limited and customers cannot download updates for platform product and use features introduced in new releases.

Migrating a site Database from Oracle or MSSQL to MySQL can be performed using the migrator. You can "move" it from Oracle or MSSQL only to MySQL not vice versa.

Migrator operates on PHP not below version 5.3.

Action sequence on migration:

  1. Set up PHP drivers for the Database: mysql, oracle, mssql.
  2. Install Bitrix24 edition to MySQL database similar to the one you are currently using. Update it to the same version as the original setup.
  3. Indicate the access details to original and final database in the config.php file.

    Example of config.php file

  4. Start conversion using the command "./converter.php convert oracle|mssql mysql".
  5. Monitor the diagnostics and be careful before confirming each operation. Process details can be found out in the log file.
  6. In case the admin isn't sure which keys can launch the conversion, use the command "./converter.php" without parameters.
  7. Manually copy the files from the old setup to the new one.

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