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  Class $Bitrix.Data

Class allows to save arbitrary data in the context of Vue application and retrieve them from the component of any nesting level.

This class is not a replacement for reactive variables from objects props and data, as well as to Provide/Inject approach. It allows to organize interaction between components without complex sync system.

Методы $Bitrix.Data
$Bitrix.Data.set Method to save data.
$Bitrix.Data.get Method to get data.


Method to save data.

this.$Bitrix.Data.set(name: string, value: any): void


Parameter Description
name Variable name.
value Variable value.


Method to get data.

this.$Bitrix.Data.get(name: string, defaultValue?:any): any


Parameter Description
name Variable name.
defaultValue Default value. When not specified – undefined.


When data with the key name won't be found, returns their value. Otherwise, function returns defaultValue.


For example, we want to implement an audioplayer feature. When several player components are located at the page, we need to start the playback of the record when audio record ends.

This can be done as follows:

import {BitrixVue} from 'ui.vue3';

const AudioPlayer = {
	registerPlayer(id): void
		let registry = this.$Bitrix.Data.get('ui-audioplayer-id', []);

		registry = [ Set([...registry, id])]
			.filter(id => id !== this.registeredId)
			.sort((a, b) => a - b)

		this.$Bitrix.Data.set('ui-audioplayer-id', registry);
		this.registeredId = id;
	unregisterPlayer(): void
		const registry = this.$Bitrix.Data.get('ui-audioplayer-id', []).filter(id => id !== this.registeredId);

		this.$Bitrix.Data.set('ui-audioplayer-id', registry);

		this.registeredId = 0;
	playNext(): boolean
		const nextId = this.$Bitrix.Data.get('ui-audioplayer-id', []).filter(id => id > this.registeredId).slice(0, 1)[0];
		if (nextId)
			this.$Bitrix.eventEmitter.emit('ui:audioplayer:play', {id: nextId, start: true});

		return true;

Full example can be viewed in the component bx-audioplayer, located in the file Available from version ui 22.100.0. /bitrix/modules/ui/install/js/ui/vue3/components/audioplayer/src/audioplayer.js.

Access to functions inside the component is performed in the same manner as to any other variable - via this.. There are, however, nuances of use in the hook beforeCreate. You can find more details in the chapter description.

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