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Last Modified: 12.09.2014

Panel Connection

After authorization on a website, the Control Panel becomes available at the top of the page for a user with the appropriate rights. This panel can be used toо:

  • Manage parameters of the current section;
  • Go to editing of the current page and connectable areas;
  • Add and change the menu of the current section;
  • Set up component parameters;
  • Quickly go to the administrative section of the website;
  • And much more.
Note: A detailed description of the panel interface is provided in the training course System administration.

The administrative panel connection code shall be introduced in the service area of the website design template immediately after the <body> tag before the beginning of the first table.


Note: The panel will not be displayed for a user with insufficient rights.

The panel can also be displayed for a specific group or separate users. To do so, use the option Always show toolbar for users in the settings of the Kernel module, tab Settings.

In this case, the panel will be displayed, but a set of its buttons will depend on the user’s rights.

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