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Last Modified: 18.06.2014

In the course of its development, any software must be consistent with the initially set purpose. This task is solved by architecture design. Product architecture is an approach to design that guarantees the software will meet its designated purpose.

Software architecture is a structure of a software or computing system that includes software components, properties of these components visible from the outside, and also the relations between them.

The architecture of Bitrix Framework solves the following tasks:

  • Continuity. Each new release of the products supports all previous solutions and technology. It permits to upgrade site products created on virtually any previous version.
  • Unity of operating principles with any version and any solution based on the system.
  • Security. The architecture permits creating a sufficient level of security for sites of any purpose.
  • Scalability. There are no limits on project development according to an increase of the contents, services, and number of users.
  • Performance. System speed depends on the quality of setup of its elements, i.e. performance is mostly affected by a level of competence of the project developer and hosting capacities.
  • System development flexibility by third party developers. The architecture imposes no restrictions on the creation of own modules, components, and solutions.

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