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Last Modified: 04.08.2022

Bitrix Framework - is a PHP-based platform for the development of web applications. It was also used to create Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is a ready-made product that enables the creation of the corporate portal of a company with the possibility to customize standard functionality according to a company’s needs.

Unlike Zend Framework, during the deployment of Bitrix Framework you obtain a set of classes as well as an advanced administrator’s interface.

The basic package includes an extensive set of components that ensures the quick deployment and implementation of projects.

Products based on Bitrix Framework are released in several versions. When studying the system and reviewing lessons you must be sure that your local installation has a module that you experiment with. Module-by-module comparison of versions: for Bitrix Site Manager and for Bitrix24.

Note: the training course will include examples from the tasks that normally have to be solved by developers of various products. The mechanisms that used to solve these tasks may be applied in any other product created on Bitrix Framework. To this extent, the words site and corporate portal used in this course may be considered synonyms.

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