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Last Modified: 08.07.2020

By default, Bitrix24 uses the search feature in standard MS Office documents. If it is required to organize a search in documents of other formats, the format list shall be extended and necessary file processing programs shall be connected.

  • Download the necessary programs for converting text information contained in these documents to the plain text mode.
  • Having installed this program on the computer with Bitrix24, open the Intranet module setting page in the administrative section (Settings > System settings > Module settings > Intranet). Go to the Search tab..

  • Enter the required format, e.g., odt in the empty line in the Extension column.
  • In the External command column, enter the command in the format: . The program itself must be able to display data in UTF-8.

    E.g., the external command for the Otf2txt program for the conversion of a document made in the .ODT (OpenOffice) format to the .TXT format is as follows: odt2txt --encoding=UTF-8 #FILE_NAME#:

  • In the column Converter Directory please indicate the path to the catalog with the installed program and save the changes made.
  • In order to enable search in the new format, *.odt must be added in the Include file types box on the Search module setting page (Settings > System settings > Module settings > Search):

Note: when working with PDF files, some Russian language files may be indexed improperly. In this case, replace the package XPDF by The Poppler Developers (included in the installation package) to the package Poppler-Utils by the Glyph and Cog.

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