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Last Modified: 07.07.2020

Step 1. Initial screen

This screen informs you that the configuration wizard has started.

  • Here, just click Next.

Step 2. Design template

Choose the design template for your Bitrix24. Templates vary in layout, colour, appearance of the main page and settings.

  • Select a desired template by ticking a respective radio button.
  • Click Next.
Note. Portal templates are system templates and cannot be customized! There is a technical possibility to copy, customize, and apply the template, but in this case the backward compatibility will be lost.

Step 3. Colour theme

Here you will choose the desired colour theme for your Bitrix24. Different site design templates offer different colour schemes.

  • Choose the desired color theme and click Next.

Step 4. Portal settings

Provide here the name and the logo of your company. Select the features you want to enable on your Bitrix24.

  • Type the name of your company and click Browse to select the logo image of your company.
  • In order to set the demo data of employees, include social network and external communication functionality, and set up access rights on the portal please select the relevant options.
  • Click Install to proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Data installation

This is an unattended step that installs Bitrix24 according to the selected preferences. You can watch the process proceeding in the progress bar. Upon completion the wizard will open the next step automatically.

Step 6. Finishing configuration

The system has been installed and the initial configuration has been applied.

Now you can:

  • Import users to your Bitrix24 (click Import Users).
  • Open your Bitrix24 and start working (click Launch Bitrix24).
  • Run the Extranet Configuration Wizard (click Configure Extranet).

Note: the Configuration Wizard may also be launched again after the product installation. For example, in order to change a template or color set of the portal or include additional modules (depending on the license), etc

Administrator’s interface: select Install option in the actions menu in Corporate Portal Wizard (Settings > System settings > Wizard list):

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