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Last Modified: 07.04.2022

HALO jumping from the cloud to your server

For many businesses across the world, it is a requirement to store data locally and never rely on third-party storages.

To initiate the process of migration from the cloud based Bitrix24 to Bitrix24 Self-Hosted please submit a request to the Helpdesk.

Requirements and the common procedure:

  • You can migrate only if you have a valid Bitrix24 Self-Hosted commercial key, and only once. The migration is free.
  • You will submit to the Helpdesk a consent to transfer your data. Once your consent is verified, the Helpdesk engineers will create a backup file you will use to deploy your Bitrix24 at your location.
  • Data can be fully transferred only to a Bitrix24 Self-Hosted version that includes a full set of Bitrix24 features.

    Important! Each edition of Bitrix24 Self-Hosted initially supports 25 users. You may have to purchase additional users if you're using one of the unlimited Bitrix24 plans.

  • Users are strongly discouraged to use Bitrix24 while performing the migration. All data you may enroll to the database during that time will be lost.
  • • After the backup file has been prepared, it is recommended to install the Bitrix Virtual Appliance.

    Note: While you can use any packages that meet Bitrix24 Self-Hosted system requirements. BitrixVM is still recommended.


    • The target server has to be configured to support UTF-8.
    • The root directory in which Bitrix24 will be installed has to be empty.

Attention! The migration of multiple Bitrix24's to a single instance of Bitrix24 Self-Hosted is an extremely complex task because the entity ID's will surely overlap. While technically feasible, a project like this will take a significant amount of time during which your Bitrix24 will be inaccessible.

Deploying Bitrix24 from the backup

The backup archive prepared by the Helpdesk can be restored to a remote hosting (server), as well as to the BitrixVM. you previously installed. As a result, you will get an exact copy of your Bitrix24 with all of your data. To log on to your Bitrix24, use the same login and password you used with the cloud based Bitrix24.

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