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Last Modified: 07.07.2020

This section contains general description for the Bitrix24 Self-hosted installation procedure.

Note: Installation Wizard can have various number of installation steps depending for different versions of Bitrix24 products. Specifically, first BitrixVM installation window no longer has a greetings window Installation Wizard first window shows details on the start of installation process and displays
product's main information.

. This step is skipped in the installation description.

Note: Starting the Installation Wizard with the parameter clear_db=Y (for example, http://localhost/?clear_db=Y) deletes all data tables with associated entities in the database before starting the installation.

Attention! Use this option only if you are completely aware about consequences of your actions.

Installation step 1

Please, carefully read all details of the License agreement. When you are in agreement with conditions, set the checkbox I accept the terms of the license agreement.

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