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Last Modified: 13.07.2020

Migrating your website to a remote hosting

To migrate the site to a remote server or vice versa, use the Backup feature. With this function you can:

  • choose an appropriate sequence of actions depending on the server's hardware (local backup or cloud backup);
  • create a backup of files on your site ();
  • include or exclude the system kernel folder;
  • include or exclude the public area;
  • exclude files exceeding a user specified size;
  • create a database dump (a .tar.gz archive, or an encrypted .enc archive);
  • exclude statistics and search index tables from the database dump;
  • specify backup step and interval lengths to reduce system stress;
  • create uncompressed archive to reduce system stress;
  • check the archive for integrity.

Note: the backup feature is supported for MySQL database only.

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