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Trainer: Sergey Ryzhikov
Company: Bitrix
Position: CEO

Standard server software settings are usually ideal for minimum hardware and static HTML applications. Making changes to the server software configuration may increase the overall system performance several times more; reduce the page generation time and increase the ability to function at peak loads.

This course gives recommendations about better server software configurations. These settings are recommended by the Bitrix specialists who derived them from many installations of web projects that suffered from poor system resources, or survived heavy loads of 10000 unique visitors a day and more.

All instructions are mainly referred to UNIX or Windows systems running the Apache web server.

The recommended solutions are not axiomatic. These instructions are supposed to serve as a base for creating your configurations depending on system resources, equipment, multiple server configuration.

Note! All recommendations imply that all the requirements are observed and, where possible, all settings are set to recommended values in the System Settings -> Site Check form in Control Panel.

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