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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

You can publish the photo gallery using the appropriate visual components. You use either components version 1.0 or components version 2.0. Components version 2.0 have wider functionality. Composite component Photo gallery enables you to make a full photo gallery section by making only one page physically. You will find this component in the Photogallery drop menu of the Content group in the Components 2.0 sidebar of the visual editor.

Let us create a photo gallery section using the composite component.

Create a new page.

Drag and drop the Photo gallery composite component to your page. Configure it by specifying the information block type, the information block whose images will be displayed and other parameters.

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Specify the parameters of the component.

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In the properties section, we specify the parameters of the pages that are to display a list of photos, detail view settings, top settings and other parameters.

As a result, the following pages will be created.

  • top photos of sections;
  • section photos;
  • photo details.

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