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Last Modified: 11.10.2021

Troubleshooting Minor Performance Issues

There is an easy and straightforward method to verify the integrity of your website, find caching issues and other problems before release: just download the whole website to your local hard drive two or three times in a row. To do so, use the freeware wget tool for Linux/Unix. This tool is preinstalled in the VMBitrix virtual machine.

If you are performing the test on the development VM, you will, in fact, get the full-scale pre-release test at the minimum possible network delay. Running the test more than once is essential because the first run creates a cache, and the subsequent tests will be getting pages from it.

Before performing the test, start the performance testing in Settings > Performance > Performance Panel. Switch to the virtual machine and run the commands:

cd /tmp
mkdir test1
cd test1
rm -rf localhost
wget -m http://localhost
rm -rf localhost
wget -m http://localhost
rm -rf localhost
wget -m http://localhost

To repeat the test, run the last two commands again. If the testing freezes, you can abort it by pressing CTRL+C.

Attention! Proactive Protection will not let you do the test because of the excessive requests from a single IP address. Disable it in Settings > Proactive Protection > Activity Control.

Low performance score; the website is pretty slow

First of all, check if a PHP accelerator is installed. This software precompiles PHP scripts which increases speed considerably.

Verify that the open_basedir extension is disabled.

Web pages are very slow to load

This is a fairly broad problem which can be concisely expressed by the two scenarios:

  • all or the majority of the website pages are slow;
  • only some sections and web pages are slow or don’t load at all.

Of course there is a lot of reasons for these issues, but the prevalent causes are the following.

Problem 1. The faulty pages contain broken links which are redirected to an index or 404 page. These broken links can easily be located by running a half an hour performance test.

Problem 2. There was a server malfunction and some of the database tables became corrupted. Corrupted tables usually increase database load some hundredfold. Run a test: start with 5 minutes and increase the duration if the test produces no results. Eventually, you will find the damaged database tables.


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