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Last Modified: 08.09.2022

To test performance from within the public section, click the button Performance This will show the monitor statistics right on the public webpage, which comes in handy when debugging individual pages:

When debugging from Control Panel, you will also see the SQL query statistics, page execution time and compression information. You may choose which information to display by clicking the drop-down arrow of the Performance button.

  • SQL query statistics: specifies to show SQL query performance information;
  • Include area statistics: specifies to show statistics of include areas (execution time, queries);
  • Page execution time: shows the entire page execution time;
  • Compression statistics: shows some useful compression information;
  • Statistics summary: a shortcut to select all of the options except compression statistics.

The page generation time, SQL statistics and compression information are displayed at the page bottom:

The Total SQL Queries link opens a detailed report of all the database requests performed while building a page.

If the options Page execution time and SQL query statistics are both selected, the Page generation time field is a link:

which shows the page statistics in a special form:

However, if the Statistics summary option is selected, the Page generation time link shows a much more detailed report:

Click the links in the top portion of this form to show the respective information. Use the links in the bottom section to view the request information.

The Request Information

To view information about requests performed by a component, select the Include area statistics menu item and then click a link showing Queries: X, in the statistics area beside the component:

This will open a form showing the request statistics details:

The bottom area of the form displays the request details. Use the links in the upper area to view the details of a required request.


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