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Last Modified: 04.10.2021

To access Performance Monitor global settings, browse to Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Performance Monitor.

This form has the following options.

  • Maximum URL display length: specifies the maximum displayable length of URL strings when showing URL’s on the module pages.
  • Log queries: if checked, all the SQL queries will be logged. To view the SQL log, open Settings > Performance > SQL Queries.
  • Log PHP warnings: enables PHP error and warning logging. To view the error log, open Settings > Performance > PHP Errors.
  • Enable monitor: if any option other than no is selected, runs the performance monitor for the specified period of time. This is functionally analogous to the Test Performance button on the Performance Panel page.

    If the monitor is enabled, the Monitor activity field will be showing “running”, and the time left.
  • Clear existing stats: specifies to delete all the collected data by clicking Save or Apply.

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