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Last Modified: 30.05.2024

The page Social Network Smileys (Services > Social Network > Smileys) shows table, containing list of smileys. You can add new or edit existing smileys at this page.

Control panel toolbar

Button Description
New smiley Switches to new smiley creating form.
Settings Switches to form settings.
Excel Export of data from table to MS Excel.

Smiley list

Button Description
Check column Selection of smileys to apply a rule or action.
Actions Actions applied to smileys.
Edit Switches to new smiley editing form.
Delete Deletes a smiley.
ID Unique smiley identifier.
Sort "Sorting", defining smiley listing position. THe lower the value, the higher the smiley listing position.
Type Smiley type: smiley or icon.
Title Smiley title.
Typing Smiley spelling.
Image Smiley image.


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