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Last Modified: 04.10.2022

  Move the individual module operation to a third-party server

Database sharding allows to re-distribute load, created by queries between various servers due to moving data of some modules into a separate database.

Vertical sharding - separation of a single web application database into two and more databases due to segregation of individual modules, without changing web application logic (Tables are distributed to servers.)

Horizontal sharding - distribution of single-type web application data (for example, account entries) between separate databases (Table is divided into parts which are distributed to servers.).

Bitrix24 Self-hosted supports only Vertical sharding and transfer of Web Analytics and Search module data.

  Sharding settings

Adding new DB is done at the Vertical sharding: Module Databases page (Settings > Web Cluster > Sharding). To move table with module data into a separate database:

  • Click at the context panel button Add New Database . After which the window for adding a new module database.
  • Complete all wizard steps. If needed, enter the config according to recommendations. You must get a fully "green" list .
  • Indicate connection parameters and enter the required parameters, if required, to get a "green" list.
  • After which the database will appear in the list, but won't be active.

  Data transfer

Now, let's move the module data to the added database. This can be done by two ways:

  • First method is available only for MySQL: select "Use Database" in dropdown menu in the selected database menu. You'll see the data transfer wizard. Select the module you want to move.

    Attention! Any data modifications in the module while copying is in progress won't be saved.

  • Second method: delete module and install it again. At the first installation step, indicate the database for module use. In this case, tables won't be transferred.

After transferring the module tables to a connected database the list will look as follows:

Note: Versions for mssql and oracle show Edit Database Connection Parameters form instead of wizard.


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