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Last Modified: 07.09.2022

  Cache settings

You can manage available cache at the Cache settings tab:

Using the Autocache technology allows to quickly prepare project and site components in the high-load conditions or facilitate site customization. You can enable the Autocache using only single button For convenience of development process the autocaching can be disabled thus simplifying the work and enabled again before submitting a completed project. in the administrative section. All components with enabled autocache mode (Auto + Managed) create caches and will fully avoid database queries.

Attention! When using the Autocache mode, the information displayed by components, occurs according to parameters of individual components.

  Cache updates

Some details on cache updates can be found at the Cache settings page:


Components behave differently depending on cache settings:

  • When selecting the option Auto + Managed - automatically updates the cache during the specified time period or on data updates.
  • When selecting the option Cache and the caching time is above zero, they always operate in caching mode.
  • When selecting the option Do not cache and the caching equals zero, the components always operate without caching.

  Cache menu

Cache menu applies a special mechanism that accounts for the fact that the majority of visitors are unregistered users. Menu cache is managed and is updated when editing menu or updating access permissions to files and folders via administrative interface and API. Usual users won't notice that any caching algorithm exists at all.


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