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  What is cloud storage

Cloud-based storage: this variant for data storage is inexpensive, extensively widespread and familiar to many Internet users worldwide (especially for mobile network users). The data is stored on multiple servers integrated within a network. At the same time, physically and geographically such servers can be located quite remotely from each other, up to different continents. From a customer point of view, customer files are located somewhere on a large virtual server and accessible everywhere via available network connection. The access to the data is ensured by the provider, as a supplier of such services.

The Cloud storages module allows moving storage of your site files from corporate server to a "cloud" List of providers, available for connection:

- Amazon Simple Storage Service;

- Google Storage;

- OpenStack Object Storage;

- Rackspace Cloud Files;

- Selectel;

- HotBox;

- S3 compatible storage – other S3-compatible storages.

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Attention! Storage of important information "outside a corporate server" may be unsafe. This especially applies to Bitrix24 On Premise products.

Cloud storage advantages:

  • Reduced expenses. Allocating the data in "clouds" is significantly cheaper compared to standard methods of storage.
  • Data availability. You data is always accessible for customers, independently from its location.
  • Content delivery speed. Almost all cloud storage providers offer to customers the CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network — is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers allowing to optimize content distribution and delivery to end-users in the Internet).
  • Server load reduction. Even in case of simultaneous connection to your site of multiple users using various devices, your web server processes won't be slowed down. This is ensured by statistics sent by "clouds" which reduces the drive load.
  • Data loss protection. Even if something happens with your corporate web server, the files won't be lost, if you selected a subscription plan with corresponding options.


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