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Last Modified: 11.07.2022

  Creating test questions

Learning course have an option to create questions for two types of tests:

  • Self test
  • Final test

You can include such questions into a test.

Questions related to the course materials can be associated directly to the course (i. e. created at the top level), to chapters or course lessons. It's logical to initially create self testing questions for a lesson, to study the materials first, and then pass the self test test.

You can create a question as follows:

  • using the links "+", located in the Questions column at the page with list of lessons/chapters/courses ( Services > e-Learning > Courses > Course_name ):

  • using the button New question, located at the page with the list of all questions for specific lesson/chapter/course (Services > e-Learning > Courses > Course_name > Questions):

If you create a question using the button New question, you need to select the type of question:

  • Single choice - only one answer can be selected in the list of answer options;
  • Multiple choice - several answers can be selected in the list of answer options.
  • Sort - answers must be assorted in a required sequence in the list of answer options;
  • Text answer - answer prints text field for a student reply.

    Note: questions of this type offer an option to send emails with response to a teacher (i. e. author) of the lesson. You can also edit email template and add recipients that will receive this email. It's sent by event NEW_LEARNING_TEXT_ANSWER (Settings > System settings > Email and SMS events > Event types).

In the rest of cases, a required type of question is indicated when creating a question using the special form for question creating (editing). The Question tab indicates the question text:

If you need to edit the question association with a lesson, click the link change in the Lesson field. Lesson/chapter selection window opens to associate the question with a new entry.

To include question into a self-assessment test (this test will be available to users after studying lesson materials, indicated in the Lesson field) mark the field Self testing:. Self-tests with an incorrect answer can show the message, indicated in the Incorrect answer message field. Final tests do not have this option.

In case a correct answer is mandatory by design, select the corresponding option. Then, if such no correct answer is submitted to this specific question, test is deemed as failed (independently from number of accumulated points).

Attention! Test results do not contain message about incorrectly answered question with "A correct answer is required:" setting.

That's why, for user convenience, it's recommended to indicate the necessity of correct answer in the Description tab when creating a question.

You can add an image to the question using the button Add file.

Tabs for Answers, Description and Custom fields

The Answers tab contains variants for answers to such question:

Note: when you need to add more than four answers, you need to click the Add answer button for extra answer field.

The Sort field indicates sequence for answer display inside the question (sorting is applied only if the test containing this question has a disabled Shuffle answers option).

Important! Do not forget to checkmark a correct option (options) as the question answer.

You can click the button to delete an answer next to a corresponding entry.

The Description tab can detail the question and the Custom fields tab can complete the available custom fields for questions or switch to creating new fields.

After saving, the question will be added to the general list of questions for a lesson/chapter/course.


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