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Last Modified: 11.07.2022

A learning class feature is available for managing a learning process starting from e-Learning module version 14.0.0. Now you don't have to create individual groups of users with access to dedicated learning courses. Such courses now already have learning group with indicated active work hours, learning material availability during the progress of the course and the list of students.

Important! When a learning group participant joins a specific group of users with access permissions not lower View, this user will always have this course available independently from learning group settings.

Creating a learning group

For example, a dedicated learning course already have been created and unavailable for standard users. Now you can proceed to creating and configuring a learning class.

Go to the page List (Services > e-Learning > Classes) and click the button Add. You will se the following window:

  • You must indicate the class name and select a course to be used for educational process.
  • Indicate a time interval in the Active period field, when the course will be available for learning, as well as select the option Active.
  • The Class members section governs the list of users to be participating in this group.

The tab Custom fields allows to add or complete custom fields for workgroups.

Next, click Apply to access to course section schedule and continue to edit the learning class. If you don't need to configure the schedule and want to do it later, click Save.

Schedule for activating course section for all top level chapters/lessons:

Each chapter (lesson) have the limit after which this lesson becomes active. Do not forget to save the class settings after the schedule is compiled.

As the result of the setup above, the course will be unavailable to users until it becomes active as per schedule settings.


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