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Last Modified: 07.07.2022

Creating a course

You can manage courses in the administrative section at the page with the list of learning courses (Services > e-Learning > Courses):

Use the button Add course, located at the context panel. Switching to editing of existing entry is performed using the drop-down actions menu (Edit item).

Form for creating/editing the course consist of several tabs:

  1. The Course tab specifies the main parameters for the learning course.

    You can also configure the rating at the course config page (Enable rating and Rating buttons design options).

    Important! If the course was deactivated, test results and certificates for this course will be unavailable to users. If the course was deleted, test results and certificates for this course will be deleted as well.

  2. The Annoucement tab specifies description for the course announcement, displayed at the page the course list.
  3. Detailed course description, displayed at the course details page is specified at the Description tab.
  4. The Access rights tab contains settings for individual users and user groups access permissions assigned for this course.

    The tab lists users and user groups with configured e-Learning access permissions. These entries cannot be edited because module access permissions to module supersede access permissions to a e-learning course. This way, if users and user groups already have assigned access permissions to the e-Learning module, they have the same access permissions to all courses in the systems.

    You can configure access permissions to the course for specific other users and user groups is done using the Add link. Clicking on it opens the window with selection of users and groups.

    Select users or groups, to configure access permissions and specify the needed level of permissions.

    Note: usually when creating a course the access is granted only for the groups with users who created the course. After the course is finished, its made available for all necessary user groups.
  5. Additional fields for the course are configured at the Custom fields tab. Here you can set the icon for the course, add files to course materials, notify about how many days until the course will be closed and testing is stopped, etc.
  6. Course edit form also has the Dependencies tab:

    This tab indicates all bindings and associations for the course: which chapters, lessons or, maybe, another complete course is included in the current course (i. e. child elements are selected for this course), as well as if this course is included into some other chapter/course (in this case, parent elements are selected).

    Note: courses, chapters and lessons can be both parent and child elements relative to each other.

    The Add element link, located in the parent elements subsection - selects the target course to attach the current course. The same-name link, located in the child element list - attaches both any chapters and lessons from other courses and a complete course as well.


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