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Last Modified: 18.10.2021

Creating currencies via classifier

Currency can be created using Currency classifier. It's much more convenient than manual adding, because creating of currency can be done in a few clicks. Digital and alphabetic currency codes can be specified according to the international standard ISO 4217. It means that you need to search a link for this standard and find data about the created currency. It takes a long time. Currency classifier performs this task for you.

Use the Add from code registry button for creating a currency at the Currencies page, opening the form as follows:

Search the Find currency field for the name of currency you need and classifier will display below the names found.

After selecting the desired currency, the classifier will insert all the required values in the Currency settings and in Language settings. All left for you is to find out the rate for created currency compared to base currency and enter this rate into Exchange rate (by default) and click Save.

Updating the main or language settings for such created currency is available after you have seved it and is performed in the same manner as when adding a new currency.


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