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Last Modified: 01.10.2021

Important! CRM feature stops to operate after moving Bitrix24 from Cloud to On-premise.

Email feature in Bitrix24 Cloud version operates with official Bitrix24 mail server. However, Bitrix24 On-premise uses your custom email server. Such server must be configured correctly, with specific SMTP server to be used associated with the sender.

Below is the approximate sequence of Your actions:

  1. Catch all outbound email using the function custom_mail Starting from Bitrix24 version 7.1.3, standard email mechanism can be redefined.

    Mechanics are simple: bxmail() is called anywhere where mail() function must be called. In this function, before calling standard function mail() Bitrix24 checks, if function custom_mail() If it is, it’s called instead of mail(). Accordingly, to redefine sending mechanism, write the function custom_mail().
  2. Configure any MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) email server, suitable for your objectives.
  3. Employ previously used function custom_mail, troubleshoot outbound emails via configured email server from the required mailboxes You can manage email records at the Mailboxes page (Services > Mail > Mailboxes). Be advised, that Bitrix Framework allows creating an unlimited number of email entries.

Note: assistance of software specialists is required to configure email server (as well as system administrator).


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