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Last Modified: 28.07.2023

Module description

The Working time management module is designed for organizing management for working time spent by an employee and tasks, solved during this period.

Module parameters setup is performed at the page Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Working Time Management, at the Working Day tab:

Clarifications for values in all fields is provided in the hint next to the field: . Indicate the parameters using the Set time:

Work time management setup

Parameter configuration is performed in the Work day tab. Specified parameters are set by default for the complete company, but can be re-defined in the settings for department or employee. These settings are available for members in the HR department workgroup.

Access permission setup

The Access tab in the Subordination fields group configures access permissions levels for working day record management and report reading.

Employees Can Edit Current Workday - marked option grants permission for employees to modify start and end working day time.

Note: working day record shows instances of employee updates in workdays.

Working day management; read reports - indicates access for all employees and manages for report reading and work day management.

Edit and confirm records - indicates access permissions for department managers for modifying and confirming work day records for manager's subordinates.

Note: You can find more details on how o assign access permissions to work schedules and time at this

Report setup

The Work reports configures forum that will store report comments. If not necessary, it's not recommended to change forum set by default.

If you use standard design, no need to update paths for report pages.


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