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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

Note: usually access to a Bitrix24 instance is restricted for unauthorized users for security reasons. Such option is configured during account installation:

Select Allow Unauthorized Visitors to grant access to internal company portal for All users (including unauthorized) group.

Because both company employees and extranet users have limited access to an extranet site, corresponding user groups must be created.

Such groups are created automatically when extranet site was configured via the installation wizard (Settings > Manage users > User Groups):

  • Extranet users - extranet user group.

    Note: both company employees and extranet users must have binding to this group as a minimum to be able to view an extranet site.
  • Allowed to create extranet user groups - users of this group have the access permission to create workgroups in extranet.
  • Extranet Site Administrators - have full access to extranet.

If extranet site was configured manually, all the required user groups must be created individually.


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