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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

Module installation

Installing "Bitrix24 On-premise" also allows installing the Extranet module. This installation is performed using Extranet Site Setup Wizard. When due to some reasons (for example, due to upgrading from lower edition to more advanced) the module was not installed previously, go to the Module management page (Settings > System Settings > Modules) to install the module.

Find the Extranet module in the general list and click the Install button. When installation is complete, a corresponding message is displayed as well as the link for launching Extranet Site Setup Wizard:

Extranet Site Setup Wizard

Note: In addition to the belowmentioned method of extranet site setup, the general list of wizards allows to access extranet site setup (Settings > System Settings > Wizard list).

Execute wizard launch. First wizard step informs user about the start of installation process and prints main wizard information. Click on the Next button.

During the next two steps, select site design and color scheme. Click on the Next button.

Next step configures the main extranet site parameters.

  • Company Name - enter company name or phrase that will be displayed at the extranet site.
  • Extranet Site ID - two-character site code in Latin (first character always must be aт alpha character).
  • Extranet Site Folder - folder name, containing extranet site.

Click on the Install button. It starts installation and setup process for extranet site data.

Upon completed installation process, the system will automatically notify about successfully completed extranet site setup procedure. To exit the wizard, click on the Back button. When clicked, it opens main extranet site main Desktop page.

Note: working with Extranet doesn't require switching to it as a separate site. All the work done by company employees (corporate site users) can be performed from the corporate site. If due to some reasons, a transition to Extranet site is needed, just add in the address line the following: /extranet. Generally, only invited third-party users can work within Extranet.

By going to the Control panel you can make sure that extranet is implemented based on the multiple sites:

and at the Site list page (Settings > System settings > Websites > Websites):

Additionally, wizard procedure creates all the required extranet site objects: information blocks and group of blocks for extranet users.


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