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  Handling messages

To answer a message you can go to editing by double clicking at the listed entry or via corresponding context menu item:

Note: technical support administrators can view all messages; regular employees – only the messages they are responsible for.

Message viewing form consist of three sections:

  • Information;
  • Discussion;
  • Answer.

  Information section

This section contains the following data:

  • site of a created message;
  • message source (е-mail, telephone, web (site form), forum) and message author;

    Note: user message to technical service (for example, if user has created a message/ticket via phone call) can be registered by administrator or technical support employee. The Author message field is associated with a specific user in the system. This way, further discussion of the issue can occur within a message framework.

  • date message was created and edited;
  • date and time of the last resulting answer to the message (i e. answer that lead to updated message green colored indicator).
  • link to user order history - message author. Displayed under the condition of available installed Online store module.


This section consists of the following:

  • list of all messages within a message/ticket;
  • entries (logs) about tech support employee actions and message creator (selected by yellow color). For example, regarding the message answer, message editing or supplementing, assigned responsible and etc.;
  • system actions logs (highlighted in pink color). For example, regarding message indicator update, answer date expiration, automatic message closing and etc.


This section is designed to create an answer to the submitted message. Message is opened in one of the following modes:

  • View;
  • Answer.
Note: default message mode is defined in the Helpdesk module settings (Settings > System Settings > Module settings > Helpdesk):

If you have opened a message in the View mode then to start answering, you have to switch to the answer mode.

Note: current mode button is inactive.

The special area, located at the left section of the form shows list of users who opened the message.

Each user has a mode icon used for viewing the message:

- view mode;
- answer moded.

This allows organizing a collaboration for messages and avoiding the response of multiple employees to a single message.

Note: update for user list who viewed the message is performed automatically according to the Helpdesk module settings:

The icon allows manually updating list of users who are viewing the message at this moment.

Switching to answer mode starts the ticket task time, for an employee for answer the message.

This way, time estimation starts immediately when a message is opened in the Answer mode by default.

Technical support employee can perform the following actions when handling a submitted message:

  • Create an answer to a message.
  • Note: in case the created answer is not final or a clarification, for example, to current employee actions, an issue can occur in saving the current message status. You need to set the flag in the Do not change ticket status field.

  • Create a hidden message within existing message.

    Hidden message will be available for viewing to technical support employees only.

  • Define status, priority, difficulty, support level for communication, as well as assign an employee, responsible for resolving the issue.
    Note: updated support level or category can have responsible employee sourced from category parameters or default support level. For this purpose, use the icon , located next to the corresponding field.
  • If an answer to the message cannot be given at the earliest or its relevance must be supported, the message can be saved as on hold. At the same time, the current status (message indicator) won't be changed.
  • To close the message, set the flag in the field Close ticket.
  • Using the field Close after no responses more than allows to set the period, upon expiration of which the ticket/message will be closed automatically:
    Message is closed automatically under the condition the message author haven't added any new messages into this existing message/ticket after tech support employee submitted an answer.

    Note: Close after no responses more than field value is set by default at the Helpdesk module settings page:

As per email template settings, all updates within the message (answer to the question, updated responsible employee or message status, etc.) are duplicated to email address of ticket/message author, responsible employee and technical service administrator.


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