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Last Modified: 19.09.2022

Helpdesk module

Modern state-of-the-art corporate intranet portal is equipped by the vast array of features which may be difficult to navigate sometimes. In addition, continuous production processes often require a swift response to employee questions. This especially applies to accounts specializing in online consulting on software, hardware, technical issues-related issues, etc.

All of these areas are within the scope of the Helpdesk module.

Helpdesk module allows:

  • establishing a system of queries/tickets addressed to company employee, repsonsible for consulting and technical support;
  • assigning users responsible for resolving individual issues;
  • managing levels of helpdesk support;
  • tracking time and efficiency for ticket review;
  • analyzing submitted answer ratings.

You need to have Administrators group access permissions to be able to manage Helpdesk module full scope of features.

  Helpdesk service organization

Process of creating and processing submissions, received to technical support service is regulated by the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

SLA contains description of company liabilities for providing specific level of service (in this case, technical support) to users. Levels of service are used for managing user priorities in getting support.

  • Each group of users with permission to create helpdesk tickets is assigned with specific SLA. Level of support determines response time for such user group messages, as well as some message parameters.
  • Users can create helpdesk queries by the following methods:
    • using standard forms at the site;
    • using emails;
    • using phone call.

    Each message is assigned with a unique number, allowing to maintain a strict accounting for submitted messages and overview their progress.

  • A helpdesk ticket is reviewed according to the SLA parameters. Response to the submitted ticket is published in Bitrix Framework, as well as sent to user via email. The discussion of a Bitrix Framework issue can be overviewed is available only for the user who created the submission as well as helpdesk users.

  Helpdesk interface

Helpdesk interface consist of two sections:

  • public:
  • administrative:

Generally, helpdesk clients get access to the helpdesk public interface. Meanwhile, helpdesk employees work from admin interface. Accordingly, admin and public interfaces differ in terms of external appearance and accessible features.

To configure user level of access , you can use standard, non-customizable roles:

  • Techsupport client - opens access to Tickets admin menu and permits creating and editing your submitted tickets in the admin and public files.

    Tech support client receives email messages about all events, associated with created query (on ticket status update, assigned responsible user, response to ticket, etc.). Also, when creating a ticket, user receives a notification, containing original information about the ticket (ticket number, default responsible user name, etc. ответственного по умолчанию и т.д.)

  • Techsupport staff member - opens access to all menu items and pages. User handles the tickets with parameters indicating him/her as responsible for solution.

    Techsupport staff member receives email messages on all events, associated with tickets this employee is responsible for. Upon assigning an employee as responsible for a ticket, this employee receives a notification with this ticket parameters.

  • Note: access to an item in admin section will be opened if the user has a minimum access permission Read to the folder bitrix/admin.

  • Techsupport administrator - user can edit ticket list and any individual ticket, as well as assign users responsible for resolving them. administrator receives an email notification on all queries, submitted to the helpdesk tech support.


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