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Live ID - is a Microsoft account. It's used as both personal account for integration with MS Office Online and as identification and authorization instance for such Microsoft network services as OneDrive, Office365, Bing, Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live, MSN, Microsoft Store.
Attention! Starting from February 2021, Microsoft Application registrations portal and Microsoft Graph no longer support new Live SDK applications. Now, it's recommended to create new applications for Microsoft personal accounts at the Azure portal.
  • You can find more details about registering applications at the Azure portal in a separate chapter.
  • The text below lists an sequence of actions at the developer platform for Bitrix24 users, proceeding from Social Website Integration module.

Getting Live ID Application ID and Live ID Secret Key

Note: Don't forget to checkmark LiveID as permitted in the External services section inside Social Website Integration module settings.

Indicate Live ID Application ID and Live ID Secret Key parameters for LiveID inside the settings for Social Website Integration module (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Website Integration).

The following is required:

  1. At the Microsoft developer platform, register new application - specify its name and click Register. Before that, get authorized at Microsoft account.
  2. After creating an app Application ID is used as Live ID Application ID inside the Settings for LiveID (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Website Integration)

  3. Next, create new password, copy and paste it in the Live ID Secret Key field of module settings.
  4. Add Web platform and insert a URL from module settings into Redirect URL field.

Configuring document handling via MS Office Online

To handle documents via MS Office Online, activate the option Activate document editing via external services (Google Docs, MS Office Online and others) in the Document library module settings (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Document library).


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