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Social Website Integration module setup

To manage social network services, go to the Social Website Integration module settings (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social Website Integration).

Module parameter configuration setup

Settings tab overview:

  • Post user activities to social networks - enable to send user activities performed in social networks. For example, when starting or finishing work day;

    Note: Specified setting is available only in Bitrix24 One of the most important indicators, characterizing performance of your employees is worktime efifciency. Use the Worktime tool and manage employee worktime hours without interrupting your current business activities. No need to enter any additional conditions and hire an HR manager: the system itself will show you the dynamics, how your employees execute their duties.

    Lean more at

  • Transmitting tweets with hashtag to users into Feed - twitter-hashtag, used to translate user tweets Note: Pre-configure Twitter service with user to indicate his/her Twitter account in User profile in site's public portion.
    to Feed;
  • Next, the required social networks are selected from the list for authentication;
  • Under each service, there are recommendations and links for site registration in your system via unique IDs and secret keys.

    Note: OpenID services do not require additional settings.

Sometimes, various social login services are required at additional sites. You can enable such services via the option Apply individual parameters to this website . Further settings are similar to the settings, specified above.

What requires attention when configuring a project:
  • Some services require querying only via HTTPS. That's why, it's preferable for PHP to be collected with the library openssl.
  • When a project uses various redirects (mod_rewrite), make sure that GET parameters are not recoded upon redirect.

Registration and authetication

Go to the Authentication tab where new users must be registered via social networks Otherwise, you can get authenticated only via social network accounts, preliminarily associated to user profile. . Also, assign site user groups for which the social network account authentication is restricted:

Note: New user registration specifies if users are allowed to get registered individually at the site. The option Enable self-registration for users is responsible for this feature in the Main module settings inside the Authentication tab ( Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Main module).

Authentication token encryption

Note: Authentication token encryption is available from Social Website Integration module version 19.0.100.

Click on the button Enable authentication token encryption Be advised, enabling the encryption is irreversible action.

and it will enable storage of user authentication token for social services in an encrypted format.

After enabling this feature, both for existing and new new product installations New product installations will have encryption enabled automatically. , the Encryption page will show the message Authentication token encryption enabled


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