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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

The Event Calendar form settings (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Event Calendar) contains module system parameters.

Settings tab

Indicates the parameters, with majority field names are self-expalanatory.

Below you can some additional clarifications about the parameters:

  • Synchronize calendar using Webhook instead of agent if possible - system allows synchronizing using Webhook technology, if permissible via network settings.

    More details on sync via webhooks
  • Show user login - when selected, shows employee login in the system at the Control Panel after first and last name.
  • Allow supervisors to read their subordinates' calendars - when selected, department heads can view events in all calendars independently from personal access permission settings.
  • URL templates

    Indicate link templates to user profile pages, user calendar, workgroup view and etc.

  • Common to all websites - when selected, specified link templates will be applied for all sites in the system.
  • Meeting Room Parameters

    Indicate type of iblock and the iblock itself for booking video meeting rooms and standard meeting rooms.

    Parameters for calendar event comments

    Selects forum to be used as comments to calendars.

Calendar Types tab

Tab allows adding new calendar type, delete or modify existing calendars as well as configure access permissions to calendar types for all employees.


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