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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

Bitrix24 On-premise has the option to implement event calendars of several types.

  Creating iblocks

Create an iblock type, for example Calendar, and proceed by creating such iblocks for all types of calendars at Bitrix24 account. For example:

  • create Meeting Room Booking iblock to show room occupancy used for meetings and briefings;
  • create Video conference meeting room booking iblock for video conferences.

Meeting Room Booking iblock sections are meeting rooms, and elements - room bookings. Similar to this Video conference meeting room booking iblock sections are video conference meeting room booking.

Note: use the special Event Calendar module to show company events, workgroups, personal calendars.

  Creating public interface

The Event calendar 2.0 component (bitrix:calendar.grid) is used to show any of calendar types in public section, as well as for creating a booking interface via the calendar.

Note: this component is also used to show employee and workgroup calendars, however this component is called by the complex component Social network - user (bitrix:socialnetwork_user) and Social Network - groups (bitrix:socialnetwork_group) accordingly. The parameter settings indicate the required employee and workgroup calendars.

Note: Find mode details about handling the component in the site's public section in this article at

Meeting Room Booking (bitrix:intranet.reserve_meeting) complex component creates table view for meeting room booking.

  Microsoft Outlook synchronization setup

To enable account calendar sync with MS Outlook, configure Intranet module parameters (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Intranet, Synchronization tab).

Configure the following parameters as required:

  • Synchronize user personal photos - enables user image sync.
  • First day of the week - indicates first weekday.
  • If your hour zone is corrected as per daily savings time, mark the option My region participates in Daylight Saving time and configure the parameters Daylight saving time (DST) ends and Daylight saving time (DST) starts in the section Time Zone Settings. The field Converts server time to user time shows difference with GMT, time category and current date.
  • indicate URL Templates in the URL section for each site:
    • user profile;
    • user list of tasks;
    • user task;
    • workgroup list of tasks;
    • workgroup task.

Note: procedure for calendar export to MS Outlook is overviewed in this article.


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