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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

Use loop activity for element approval process

Example overview: element undergoes approval procedure until the management edits or approves it. If the element is not approved, additional information is requested and element is submitted for approval once again.

This example is simplified and description is related only to the While Loop Construction executes its subactions until the specified condition is satisfied. construction. Example uses condition type - Element field.

Sequence of activities:

  • First, add the Edit element This activity updates the specified element fields. . Create additional list field type using the Add fields link, named Result of approval. Indicate 2 options for field values in a new line: under consideration and approved. This field values are used for the decision: to exit the loop or not.

    Now select the created field Result of approval and set the value as under consideration .

  • Add the While Loop activity. Inside the parameters, indicate : condition type - element field; condition - equal; value - under consideration.
  • Add the Approve element Activity allows to approve element for the launched workflow. activity in the While Loop:
    • Add the activity Edit element in the Yes branch. Select approved in the Result of approval field parameters. This will cause workflow to avoid entering the loop.
    • After this activity, if required, set additional activities Note: when studying the While Loop construction, you can use activity Log entry at this stage. It allows tracing the rendered decision and loop operation progress in the log.
    • The branch No add the Additional information This activity creates an activity that requests user for extra information necessary for completing the workflow. activity. It's used, for example, for indicating information about legacy element edits or notes, related with repeated document review.
    • Add the activity Edit element. Select the value under consideration in the Result of approval field. This will cause to re-entry into the loop. Also, we'll update the element fields to the values, retrieved from the previous activities, i. e. sending for review an already approved element.
    • If required, indicate additional activities in this branch.
  • After the While Loop construction, set the activity that will notify you that the loop has completed The element can be continuously rejected and, and the loop won't be exited its operation. As a notification, Set Status Text This activity allows modifying element status text, which simplifies element tracing in the general workflow list during workflow progress. or Email message This activity sending event notification to an e-mail, specified in the activity settings. .

Final workflow with While Loop template layout will be as follows:


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