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Last Modified: 01.09.2021

This activity allows adding arbitrary entries into report and log. Report entry is convenient to use, for example, for workflow debugging, with saving data in the report at the required stage.

Parameter description

Load log for use by business process - allows getting complete contents of report within workflow for further activities (for sending an email, for example) by using the Insert value form (Additional results section). Otherwise, report data cannot be received within workflow, being available only in the log.

Load log for use by business process option is used at the stage of workflow completion to generate final report without extra database queries.


This activity results can be retrieved using the form Insert Value - Additional Results, available directly after the activity is added to a template.


  • Report.

Additional results section contains individual variables for each report entry. When the activity has a marked option Load log for use by business process, it can get a report, already generated at this activity stage. Report for each subsequent activity will include report for previous activities. When this option is unchecked, variable will be empty.


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