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This action creates an assignment that requests user (or users) additional information, required for a workflow. In contrast to Request for additional information assignment, user can decline information input.

  Parameter description

Employees to provide additional information - indicates users, ( one Meaning that the assignment will be available to all specified users until one of them starts executing it. After that, it's automatically cancelled for all the rest of employees. , of which starts to executing it) must input additional information.

Assignment name - indicates name to be displayed in the user interface.

Assignment description - indicates description or clarification to an assignment. Content of this field is displayed in the user interface. It's recommended to indicate full information in this field about the assignment to be executed by the user. This helps avoiding confusion in instances of same-type assignments.

Assignment button label - allows indicating custom text for a button, corresponding to inputted information.

Text for "Decline" button in assignment - allows indicates custom text for a button corresponding to declined information.

Show comment input field - option allows permitting users to leave comments to assignment. For example, any comments related to assignment execution. Field content can retrieved after executing the action via corresponding option in the Insert Value - Additional information form (see below).

Can be declined by - indicates principle used for declined information:

  1. All Employees - information request continues until all specified employees decline it;
  2. Any Employee - upon first decline by a user, other users do not receive the request.
  3. Nobody.

Comment is required - option set comment as required for an assignment.

Comment input field label - signature for field with comment.

Set Status Message - allows modifying element status text. It allows, for example, to track workflow progress.

Status text - indicates status text.

Wait for information for: automatically finalize assignment upon period expires. Empty value or 0 - indicates no period. - allows setting time In selected units: seconds, minutes, hours or days. For example, 86400 seconds, 36 hours or 5 days. , during which to expect completion. The assignment is automatically completed upon period's expiration. Empty value or 0 indicates no period. Minimum period value depends on the Workflows module settings via the parameter Minimum response timeout. Indicating period as less than this minimum value shows warning .

Show assignment description only to responsible persons - makes assignment text visible only for assignment responsible and doesn't show it in Feed. It's a very useful option, if it's necessary to communicate confidential data to the participant: passwords, pin codes and etc.

Fields section allows adding custom fields to be completed by users during assignment completion. Field content after action can be retrieved using Insert Value - Variables.

  Variable and results


This section retrieves content of additional fields, created in the Fields section.

Executed assignment results

This assignment results can be received via the form Insert Value - Additional results, available directly after adding the assignment into the template:

  • ID;
  • Comment;
  • Autocomplete;
  • Information, supplied by.


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