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This action allows approving an element Note: Workflow will be paused (waiting), until any of indicated users executes the assignment (approves or rejects a request) or until timeout (see Time limit option). , for launched workflow. Depending on the result (element is approved or not) there are 2 available variants for further activities.

  Parameter description

Employees to provide additional information - indicates users that must approve the element.

Approval type:
  • All Employees - all employees listed above must grant approval;
  • Any Employee - approval by any of listed users;
  • Vote - approval by user vote.

    Additional fields

Assignment name - contains name to be displayed in the user interface.

Assignment description - indicates description or clarification. This field content will be displayed in the user interface. It's recommended to indicate full information related to this assignment performance by user. It can help to avoid confusion in case of same-type assignments.

Set status message - allows randomly customize element status text. It may, for example, allow to track the workflow stage.

Status text - specifies status text.


Accept button text and Reject button text allow to indicate random text for corresponding buttons.

Show comment input field - option allows users to post comments to designated assignment. For example, any observations related to approved element. Upon completed assignment, field content can be retrieved via Insert Value - Additional results (see below).

Comment is required - this option allows forcing a required comment upon completed assignment. Comment can be set as required only for element approval and rejection.

Comment input field label - label for field with comment.

Time limit - specifies period during which the element either is approved or rejected. Timeout automatically rejects the document. Empty value or 0 - indicates no period.

Show assignment description only to responsible persons - makes assignment text visible only for assignment responsible user without showing it in Feed. It's a very useful option, if required, for example, to pass confidential information to responsible user: passwords, pin codes and etc.

Note: Element history, including comments of other approvers will be displayed to multiple employees in public section depending on access permissions to element.


  Assignment results

Results can be retrieved using Insert Value - Additional results available immediately after adding an assignment to template.

The following is available:

  • Comment;
  • Persons Voted;
  • Persons To Vote;
  • Vote Rate;
  • Approve Rate;
  • Decline Rate;
  • Approved;
  • Declined;
  • Last Vote By;
  • Approved by;
  • Approvers (text)- gets list of users;
  • Rejected by;
  • Decliners (text)- gets list of users;
  • Auto Decline - fields contains 1, if element was automatically declined/rejected (see. Time limit).


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