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Last Modified: 06.09.2021

Common aspects

Sequential workflow is built from set of activities Attention! Content of activities depends on modules installed in the system. . Each activity executes a specific function and has individual parameters.

Activity parameter setup

Activity parameter setup is performed according to the corresponding format called via double-click on title text or via the button located on it .

General aspects for majority of activities

  • Title - allows indicating activity title to be displayed Different titles must be specified for the same activities. This will simplify handling the process.
    For example: Additional results in the Insert Value form are grouped specifically by activity titles.
    in the visual designer (modeler).
  • [ID] - link, allowing viewing/editing unique Activity ID Field allows printing only Latin characters, integers and underscore.
    . For example, it can be used when viewing workflow history in site admin section.
  • User/group selection fields. User/group can be selected from list or specified directly manually. To do it, indicate ID within square brackets in the field for user, for example [1] or without brackets - for user group.
  • Assignment description fields allow using the following bb-code tags: [img], [url], [b], [i], [s], [u]. Tag [url] can be used in notifications, for example in the field Message text of Social Network Message Activity that allows sending notification about an event to the specified user/user group via social network module. activity.
  • Only a single entity can be selected in activities having multiple field selection or conditions. For example, activity While Loop Structure executes its subactivity until specified condition is being completed. can be arranged either with field group or with group of conditions.


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