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Last Modified: 17.08.2021

Workflows (business processes) can be launched in site public section not only for documents, elements or CRM, but for any internal company processes: leave and vacation applications, invoice approval and etc. By default, there are two standard workflows was created: Register a business trip and registering a leave options.

Attention: System administrator can add custom workflows only when Workflow Designer is available.

To configure and create a company workflows public interface:

  • The system must have a created iblock type (for example, named Workflows), with company business processes as iblocks:

  • After creating a required type of iblocks type, create a new page and allocate inside a Workflow composite component (bitrix:bizproc.wizards), with its iblock type indicated in its settings.

    This component creates a full-fledged public interface for handling business processes, allows creating and modifying arbitrary workflows.

  • As a result, account public section shows page with company workflows (business processes).


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