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Last Modified: 13.10.2021

Custom actions and statuses

State-driven workflow (business process) — does not have a start or finish point, only changes the status from one to another.

State-driven workflow consists of a set of statuses, transitions and actions. Single status is designated as a start status. When executed, process transitions from one status to another based on events.

When a workflow transitions into any status, a sequential subprocess is executed to initialize this status. Subsequently, the workflow is on standby for one of such status events. List of possible events and their names can be retrieved to be displayed in the user interface. For each event, you can get a list of user groups that have an access permission to send this event.

A triggered event executes a corresponding (associated) sequential subprocess.

Subprocess actions can contain an action for setting a new status. In this case, the workflow transitions to a new status. When such action does not exist, current status is deemed as final and the workflow is finalized.

When a sequential subprocess is defined to finalize such status, this subprocess is executed directly prior to transitioning from current status.


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