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Last Modified: 08.09.2022

Installation and deletion

Installing CRM module

When the CRM module is missing at the account due to some reasons, install it at the Control Panel page: Settings > System Settings > Modules.

The main page are contains the list with the modules installed at the account where you can click Install next to the CRM module:

This selection opens a page with module installation settings. With the option Copy Public Files And Site Template marked, the system will copy the required CRM module files upon installation again - and if some files already exist, they won't be overwritten, but will remain unmodified.

If you want for existing files to be replaced with new files upon copying, mark the Overwrite existing files option.

Note: marked Overwrite existing files option deletes all already existing pages upon CRM module re-installation, but will leave available data as unmodified (contacts, companies, leads, deals).

After all the parameters are configured, click on Install module button.

When installation is successful, the opened window will notify accordingly.

Click the Back to list button to return to the Control Panel section with modules list.

Deleting CRM module

Go to the Control Panel with module list. Find CRM module in the list and click Delete. Confirmation with deletion process details will appear. Remove the checkmark from Save tables if you do not want to save CRM data available in the system, such as lists of contacts, companies, leads and deals.

To delete the module, click the Delete button.

When deleting was successful, the opened page will notify you with corresponding message.

Click on the button Return to list to go to the Control Panel with modules list.

Module settings

You can configure default deal parameters in the Control Panel, proxy servers and update page URL in account structure for CRM components (Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > CRM):

Note: employee, specified as responsible for default deals will remain as such for deals, imported from e-stores which integration settings without such default preset.

System administrator can change CRM settings and manage access permission levels by assigning them to separate employees or groups of employees. Read more in detail about this in the article at


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