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Last Modified: 02.12.2022

  Social Network module settings

Managing module's general settings is performed at the page Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Social network:

The tab Social Network Settings contains global module settings:

  • Follow all Feed posts by default - when this option is marked for a social network, each new event (comment, message and etc.) will "raise" this event to the Feed's top. User decides whether to Unfollow a post inside Feed. When this option is disabled, to follow the event, click Follow under the required Feed's post.
  • Allow "To everyone" Feed posts - when this option is marked, you can indicate users or user groups that may send messages to all site/account users. Please be aware that with this option enabled, there is always a risk that user can send a message to users accidentally. For example, an employee in accounting creates a message with company financial data and forgets to check and edit a recipient. All users will see this message due to the default All setting.
  • Use "All employees" as default recipient - this option enables to forward to All users by default when creating a message. Option appears when the option Allow "All employees" as option in Activity Stream/Feed is enabled.
  • Activity Stream/Feed shows only the posts made by me or my groups, or sent directly to me - this option enables the mode showing only the entries and events related to the user workgroups, as well as messages received and sent by Feed.

    Parameters, configurable for each website individually

      Access permissions

    The tab Access permissions configures module permissions for user groups. The following access permissions can be assigned:

    • [D] can view public section, cannot create groups – users are permitted to view social network pages with enabled personal profile editing. (Default setting: allowed for all groups.)
    • [K] can view public section, can create groups – users are permitted to view social network pages with enabled personal profile editing and option to create workgroups.
    • [R] read access to Control Panel – permission to manage social network elements from public section and permission to view them in admin section without editing.
    • [W] full access – full access permission to module resources.

    Note: Managing specific features can be done for both all sites as well as for specific sites via checkmarks in corresponding fields.


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